Family of the Year Award

Families are important to Scouting. Family support for each youth is vital to his or her success in Scouting. Individual parents who volunteer as leaders support other youth as well as their own. The extra effort that parents put forth as leaders, in addition to their family responsibilities, deserves praise. When both parents and youth are involved in Scouting leadership, they deserve district recognition. Do not inform the nominee. This nomination is confidential. 

The Family of the Year award is to honor a family who contributed outstanding support to our Copperhead District Scouting community. Awards are presented at the district dinner

How to Nominate

Online Nomination Form

I feel this family deserves this award because of the Scouting (and community) activities described. 


Briefly describe how each family member has contributed to the Scouting program in the Mustang District and other community service.


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