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Arrow of Light awardThe Copperhead Chapter will no longer be performing Arrow of Light Ceremonies after 1/1/2019.  The chapter will be performing one more traditional ceremony on 12/8/2018.  Please fill out the form below to request to participate in the ceremony on the December 8, 2018.

The National Order of the Arrow Committee after months of collaborative work with ceremonialists and lodge leadership representatives announces the following policy change. This policy change will apply to ALL Order of the Arrow lodges and chapters. We know that lodges and chapters are frequently asked to perform Arrow of Light and crossover ceremonies for Cub Scout packs, which is an appropriate service in support of our packs. That said, we have had many complaints surrounding these ceremonies from various American Indian tribes due to the manner in which they are conducted as well as the inconsistent nature in which they are performed. Beginning January 1, 2019 lodges and chapters that are asked to conduct Arrow of Light or crossover ceremonies for Cub Scout packs will only be permitted to conduct them using the new approved official ceremonies which can be found in the OA Inductions Portal. These ceremonies are to be conducted in a Scout uniform and are no longer permitted to be done in American Indian regalia.  Source  


  1. Complete the online form to request a ceremony. Please do your best to provide as much information as possible when requesting a ceremony. It is the responsibility of the pack leadership to secure the location and organize the event. The OA team is there to perform the ceremony only.
  2. The packs are responsible for setting up a reception and reserving the location if you choose to have one.
  3. Communications need to be clear between the designated ceremony coordinator and the OA chapter advisor.
  4. Arrow of Light ceremonies should be held at the OA fire ring between pavilions 7 and 8 at Bear Creek Park, weather permitting, unless other arrangements are made. AOL Ceremonies begin at dusk. Please inform the OA chapter advisor of the alternate indoor location just in case there is bad weather.
  5. The ceremony should be held on Saturday evenings. 
  6. For ceremonies at Bear Creek Park, guests need to bring their own chairs.
  7. The packs are responsible for providing firewood, a ground cloth for Webelos, cross-over bridge (optional) and anything else you would like to add.
  8. The OA chapter advisor must approve additional lighting. Tiki torches make a great lighting source; however, water buckets, or fire extinguishers, must be provided within reach of each area illuminated.
  9. If a burn ban is in effect, please coordinate with the OA chapter advisor about an alternative fire.
  10. Packs are responsible for the troop(s) the Webelos are planning to join. The troops most likely will want to send a representative and may even want to have Scouts from their troop participate in the crossover ceremony.
  11. The pack ceremony coordinator must arrive at least one hour before the event to provide the ceremony team with a list of names, and to set up the arrow order in preparation for the ceremony. Please attach the name of each Scout on each arrow. Print the names neatly and large enough so the names can be read in low light.
  12. Please inform all attendees that no flash photography is to be used during the Arrow of Light ceremony. Video cameras must set up without obstruction to the pathway of guest and our ceremony team. A special time after the ceremony will allow for recreation of the arrow photo, individual and den photos with the team. 

Preferred Location

Bear Creek Park – OA Arrow of Light fire ring between pavilions 7 and 8. If you want to do your crossover at one of the pavilions you will need to reserve one by going to or 281-496-2177


Danny Reeves Copperhead OA Chapter Adviser 281-450-5158

Request an Arrow of Light Ceremony

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